Pensacola Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving Day 2022



If you're traveling this year for the holidays, you probably don't want to deal with the stress and labor of grocery shopping and cooking Thanksgiving dinner. For those traveling to Pensacola and Navarre Beach, you'll want to spend your time enjoying the gorgeous weather and hanging out with friends and family. Beach trips are the time to escape from everyday life. You should be able to maximize your relaxation time and take cooking off your plate. Luckily, Pensacola has an exceptional selection of restaurants open or taking pick-up orders for Thanksgiving.

Pensacola Restaurants  

The Grand Marlin

The Grand Marlin Pensacola Beach   The Grand Marlin Pensacola Beach

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The Grand Marlin is a popular spot on Pensacola Beach for its fresh seafood and upscale atmosphere. Lucky for Pensacola Beach visitors, The Grand Marlin is open on Thanksgiving Day and will offer a special Thanksgiving menu  with traditional holiday fare.  

The Grand Marlin sits on the sound-side beaches of Pensacola, and the gorgeous atmosphere is a go-to for locals and visitors on special occasions. This restaurant is desirable for families and loved ones to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner while watching the sunset over the water. 


The Fish House 

Another favorite of locals and visitors is The Fish House in downtown Pensacola, a harborside restaurant specializing in seafood. Locals and visitors alike cherish the memories of sitting on the water and dining with the downtown crowd. For Thanksgiving, The Fish House also has a special Thanksgiving menu with all the trimmings.  

The Fish House is yet another waterfront gem in Pensacola. The restaurant offers guests the option to arrive by boat thanks to the boat slips on the dock. Other guests may step out and walk along the dock to absorb the view of Pensacola Bay. 

The Fish House Pensacola    The Fish House Pensacola

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Navarre Beach  

The Beach House Bar & Grille Navarre

The Beach House Bar and Grille Navarre     The Beach House Bar and Grille Navarre

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Imagine enjoying Thanksgiving dinner on the beach with friends and family and listening to waves crashing on the shore. Thankfully, The Beach House in Navarre Beach is open on Thanksgiving Day, with a few different time slots for seating. Check out their Thanksgiving menu and seating time slots here to plan.  

The Beach House Bar & Grille is a Gulf-front establishment in Navarre Beach boasting outdoor dining with scenic views of the Gulf of Mexico. This prime location will create such a unique and unforgettable holiday experience.  

To-Go Spots 

We can't blame you for wanting to take Thanksgiving dinner to-go and enjoy the meal from a luxurious beach house or condo. Fortunately, there are quite a few Pensacola Restaurants to visit on Thanksgiving Day and pick up a delicious meal. Here are a few options for Thanksgiving meal pick-ups in Pensacola:

  1. Restaurant IRON Pensacola 
  2. The Fish House Pensacola 
  3. Four Seasons Catering & Eatery
  4. Caf? NOLA
  5. Five Sisters Blues Caf? 

You've already planned for ultimate relaxation if you're visiting Pensacola or Navarre Beach for Thanksgiving this year; there is no need to go through the chore of cooking an entire feast.You and your loved ones can visit one of these Pensacola restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day and create memories to last a lifetime.

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