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Beach Safety Guide in Pensacola Beach, FL

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As we move into our busy spring and summer season on the Emerald Coast, families are beginning to plan their vacations for spring break and summer. This is an exciting time, and if you're starting to plan your trip to Pensacola Beach, you'll want to start reviewing beach safety guidelines. Beach safety guidelines will help you learn about water temperatures and weather conditions on Pensacola Beach, beach flags, and tips to stay safe. Before heading to the beach, let's dive into some ways you can learn how to keep you and your family safe at the beach:

Water Temperatures  

To plan your beach trip around a time that best suits you and your preferences, the local water temperature is a great place to begin. Everyone has different comfort levels when it comes to swimming in the Gulf. A water temperature of 65 degrees may feel perfect to some beach-goers, but others may wait until it reaches 80 degrees before dipping their toes in.   

Below are the average water temperatures in Pensacola by the month:  


Pensacola Beach Water Temperatures

The coolest months are December – March on Pensacola beach, where the water temperature averages near 60 ° F. The water temperature is warmer in the spring and early summer, April – June, averaging around 77° F. In the peak of the summer from July – September, these months are the warmest in Pensacola Beach, and the water temperature also warms up with averages around 84 ° F. Finally, fall is a comfortable time in Pensacola Beach, where the water temperature shows averages near 73 ° F.   


You can check the current conditions at Pensacola Beach here 


Beach Flags  

While this next one can be a bit unpredictable, beach flags are one of the most critical indicators of safety for swimming or getting in the water. Aside from telling you whether currents are weaker or stronger, you also need to know if marine pests are present or if the waters are closed to the public.   

Below is a guide to beach flags:   

Beach Flags Meaning


Safety Tips  

  1. Remember the Sunscreen!  

Sunshine is great, but an overdose of sunshine can lead to painful sunburn or sickness. Remember sunscreen when you go to the beach and choose one with an SPF of 50 or higher. Be sure to reapply sunscreen when getting in and out of the water for long periods.  

  1. Always Swim in a Lifeguarded Area.  

Rip currents and drowning are dangerous, but you can avoid them during your beach trip. Always stay close to a lifeguarded area when swimming and be sure that children are not left to swim alone.  

  1. Do NOT Swim During Lightning & Thunderstorms.  

Thunderstorms and lightning are real dangers when swimming at the beach. Swimming during lightning and thunderstorms is unsafe, so if you notice lightning or thunder, get out of the water and find shelter until the storm passes.   

  1. Avoid Getting Lost/ Use the Buddy System.   

Be sure to stay close to a friend or family member when swimming at the beach. Use the buddy system to make sure that no one gets lost. If you are swimming alone, find a landmark, such as a lifeguard tower, to which you can remember to stay close.  

Pensacola Beach


You shouldn't have to contain your excitement for a trip to Pensacola Beach, but keeping safety in mind during any beach visit is crucial. Always check the water temperature and weather patterns, beach flags, and current conditions, and bring sunscreen!   



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Thursday, February 16, 2023

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