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Things to Do In Pensacola During the Winter


Pensacola is a coastal city in Northwest Florida, meaning that we experience seasons, but winters are less harsh here than in other parts of the United States. The cool season here usually lasts for about three months, from the beginning of December to early March. The winter weather in Pensacola is mild, with daily temperatures averaging highs of 67 degrees and lows in the upper 40s. While locals may find these temperatures too chilly to swim in, Pensacola is still a great place to visit during winter.   

Staying on the Gulf and walking on sand instead of snow is a relaxing winter getaway. However, there are indoor and outdoor things to do in Pensacola during the winter. From sports to spa days and walks on the beach, a winter trip to Pensacola would be a delight to any visitor. Here is just a handful of the many things to do in Pensacola during the winter:   


Book a Spa Day  

Winter might be the best time to treat yourself to a relaxing spa day. After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and the exhaustion of cold weather, you deserve to treat yourself.   

Pensacola has an array of full-service, luxury, and resort-style spas to take off some of the stress of wintertime. If you're staying on the beach, spa services will meet you there so you can get pampered without having to leave the peace of Pensacola Beach.  

Attend an Ice Flyers Hockey Game 

Many locals will tell you that their favorite winter activities include attending an Ice Flyers hockey game at the Pensacola Bay Center arena.  

The Pensacola Ice Flyers are a professional hockey team in the Southern Professional Hockey League (SPHL), and their games are more than simply hockey games but events.   

The atmosphere at the Bay Center becomes electric as guests get loud, cheer for the team, compete in giveaways and watch entertainment during intermissions like wiener dog raises and dance contests.  

The Ice Flyers hockey season runs from October - April, and during this time, public ice skating is available at the Bay Center.   

Pensacola Ice Flyers Hockey  


Visit Pensacola Historic District  

It's no secret that Pensacola is rich in art, history, and culture. Downtown Pensacola is a hub for museums and cultural learning and is where the Historic District sits.   

Pensacola Historic District is a charming village that has been frozen in time. You may feel like you've stepped onto the set of a colonial reenactment as you explore Old Christ Church, Weavers Cottage, and the TT. Wentworth Jr. Florida State Museum. The Historic District in downtown Pensacola is a great way to learn about the city's heritage.   


Plan a Night Out at Seville Quarter   

Spending a night out at Seville Quarter is a rite of passage for anyone who visits Pensacola. This lively nightclub is a mix of bars and dance floors, with something entertaining around each corner.   

Technically, Seville has seven bars, and each of them brings a different experience. There's karaoke, dancing, bar trivia, jazz, a courtyard with a music stage, and even dueling pianos!   

Seville also has a steak and seafood restaurant called "The District." The District offers bar service, tapas, upstairs balconies, and a lounge for guests.   

If you're in Pensacola, you'll want to check out Seville Quarter, the Gulf Coast's prime entertainment destination.   

Seville Pensacola

Go on a Hike or Beach Walk  

A walk on the beach is a must when visiting the Emerald Coast. Even if you aren't up to getting in the water, long walks on the sugary white sands are great for picking up seashells or relaxing while staying active. Several beaches in Pensacola are nearly empty in the winter, giving you more space to explore.   

Pensacola Beach

Aside from the beach, nature trails and parks are excellent places to take a hike when it's cooler outside. Here are a few hiking and exploring destinations in Pensacola:   

  • Fort Pickens  

  • Fort Pickens along Pensacola Beach is a former military fort with roots dating back to the 1800s. Today the park is open for tours, sightseeing, camping, picnics, and more.   

  • Big Lagoon State Park  

  • Big Lagoon State Park is the premier destination in the city for hiking, kayaking, fishing, and birdwatching. Located in Southwest Pensacola, this park is the ideal place for adventure.   

  • Bay Bluffs Park  

  • Bay Bluffs is a gorgeous boardwalk and trail along Pensacola Bay. While the trail is relatively short, hiking back up the steep stairs will be a challenging workout.   

Fort Pickens Pensacola  Fort Pickens Pensacola


Just because the temperatures get a little nippy does not mean that Pensacola hibernates during the winter months. From sightseeing to hockey and hiking, there is still a large selection of things to do in Pensacola during the winter.   

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Published by Emily Seay
Wednesday, January 25, 2023

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