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10 Tips For the Pensacola Beach Island Trolley

Pensacola Beach Island Trolley


All the information regarding the Pensacola Beach Island Trolley is right here!  We've answered your FAQ's, plus we have some tips and tricks to make sure your ride is smooth and enjoyable from start to finish! Whether you want to know when the trolley will stop at your location to the trolley route and schedule, we've got it all right here including the Trolley Tracker and how to use it, questions on rain and so much more!



  • About the Trolley

The Trolley system features three trolleys.  This program is run through Escambia County Public Transit (ECAT) and is funded by the Santa Rosa Island Authority (SRIA).  Each trolley runs on diesel fuel and is outfitted with a GPS tracker than updates its location every 30 seconds.


  • When Does It Run?

The Trolley schedule is seasonal and runs during peak visiting months and on special occasions throughout the year, usually from the end of May to the beginning of September.  Be sure to check the Santa Rosa Island Authority’s website for the official start and end dates. 


During season, it runs 7 days a week from 4pm to midnight, with their last pickup at 11:30pm.


There are three trolleys total that run concurrently, so you’re not waiting very long for the trolley to return to your stop.


  • How much does it cost?

It is a free service.


  • Where are the stops located?

The Trolley currently features over 20 stops throughout Pensacola Beach. To view each stop and the closest one to your unit, please visit https://visitpensacolabeach.com/trolley-map/ 


  • How do I find my trolley stop number?

Within this map, each stop has an assigned number with it, so please make note of what number your preferred stop is.  For example, the stop in front of Emerald Dolphin is labeled “7 Emerald Dolphin (S)” meaning “7” is the stop number and “S” determines whether it is South or Eastbound.


  • When will the trolley be at my stop?

There is a very helpful Trolley Tracker!  If you would like to know when the trolley will be at your stop, there is a text message system set up with GPS tracking to let you know an estimated time of when it will arrive.  After you determine your stop number, follow these instructions:


Text the word SRIA, space, and then your stop number to the number 41411.  For Example:


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  • Is it wheelchair or stroller accessible?

Yes, both are accessible aboard the trolley.  If someone is using a wheelchair, they will simply lock the wheels so everyone remains safe during their ride onboard.


  • How old do you have to be to ride?

All ages are accepted.


  • Will we get wet if it rains?

The trolley is open air, but does have dropdown side covers to protect you if it rains


  • Helpful Numbers
    • Escambia County Area Transit (ECAT) – 850-595-3228
    • Pensacola Beach Visitors Information Center – 850-932-1500 or 800-635-4803
    • Santa Rosa Island Authority – 850-932-2257
  • Bonus Tip!
    • Some stops will require you to get off of one trolley and onto another one, so be sure to let your driver know your final destination when you board!

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Published on Wednesday, December 15, 2021

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